Best Stockton Heat Pumps Residential

Best Stockton Heat Pumps Residential

We’ve previously written about AC and Heating Maintenance but you’ll eventually need a new unit even with regular maintenance. That is why we have collected the best Stockton heat pumps below to help you make the best selection for you.

1. No One Right Answer

It doesn’t matter if you need a heat pump for a bungalow, ranch style home, or industrial complex. Many factors come into play when selecting your unit. You may even want to consider another type of heating system if you are not in Stockton. These include a furnace, boiler, or other depending on the area of the country your property is located in.

You should also consider these factors when selecting a heat pump:

  • How old is the building? Its age will help determine the best heating system.
  • The weather. Heat pumps are a great choice for climates that get both hot and cold weather, because they can cool and heat.
  • What type of power the heat pump will use: electric, gas, etc.
  • Square footage of the interior of the property.
  • Ductwork used for the property as well as its condition. Installing a new heat pump is also a good time to have your ductwork inspected and replaced – if needed.
  • Consider features needed / wanted such as warranty, output, and more.

2. Budget for Heat Pump

Remember to consider the cost of heat pump installation along with the cost of the unit itself. Installation can be easy for an experienced pro if the new heat pump is approximately the same size as the old one and is easy to access. However, heat pump installation can be difficult when switching heating system types or heating connections that are difficult to work with. We recommend you request estimates from several reliable heating and air experts in your area.

3. Most Energy Efficient Heat Pumps

You don’t just want a new heat pump. You want a new heat pump that can help pay for itself in reduced energy costs. Energy efficiency also helps you get a window into how long the unit will last. Most new models are Energy Star rated, so we have a few of the best below.

  1. Amana AVXC20 with ComfortNet™ – SEER Rating up to 23.
  2. American Standard Platinum 18 Series – The variable speed allows you to set how much energy it uses.
  3. Bryant® 280A Evolution® Series with Evolution™ Connex Control – It has one of the leading efficiencies in a split system.
  4. Carrier 24VNA0 Infinity® Series with Infinity® Touch Control – It is one of the most quiet and has humidity removal.
  5. Lennox XC25 Series with iComfort Wi-Fi® Control – SEER Rating up to 26.
  6. TRANE XV20I Series TAM9 – SEER Rating up to 21.5.
  7. Mitsubishi FH Series models with Kumo Cloud Controller – SEER Rating up to 33.1.

Read more for yourself by clicking here.

4. Best Heat Pump Brand

As heat pump experts, we prefer only the brands we have confidence that will work well in the area. These include well-known brands that constantly make top 10 lists such as Goodman, Carrier, RUUD, Trane, Rheem, Lennox, and many others. Feel free to visit the page of the brand you like to have a look at their heat pumps to see if any stand out to you.

5. Consult a Heat Pump Expert

You may find a heat pump or two that holds your interest. However, you SHOULD NOT purchase it without consulting a heat pump expert. We can tell you if the unit is right for your property, its size, your heating and cooling needs, and much more.

Get Stockton Heat Pumps from a Professional

Blackwell Services is a locally owned company in Stockton that specializes in selecting and installing heat pumps in Galt, Lockford, Manteca, Lodi, and the surrounding areas. Feel free to contact us to learn more about how we can help you get a new heat pump.

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