Spring AC Maintenance in Lodi, CA

Spring AC Maintenance in Lodi, CA

Although winters in Lodi, CA are fairly mild most homeowners use their furnace in the winter to keep their homes nice and toasty. Their air conditioning unit has sat unused for several months. Since Spring is around the corner it is a good time to have AC maintenance service performed. We will show you steps to follow to service your Lodi, CA home’s heating and air system. Having your AC unit running at peak performance saves you money in costly repairs and higher energy costs according to a recent article on Forbes Advisor.

Remove Debris from Air Conditioning Unit

First you should remove any debris or dirt from the outside unit. Check around the unit and see if there is any visible damage. You may even want to blow air around the unit to remove all unwanted dust. Keep the unit free from overgrown shrubbery. If shrubs or flowers are crowding your air conditioning unit it will restrict the air flow and can cause damage to the system. Once you have cleared the area around your AC unit you can move on to the next step.

When to Change or Clean Air Filters?

It is recommended that you clean or change your air filters in your unit quarterly or even monthly depending on your outside environment. This is a very important step in AC maintenance, one in which many homeowners neglect because they forget about it. Make a note on your calendar to clean or change your air filter. If you live in an area with a lot of blowing dust you may want to change your filters monthly. But if you live in a damp wet climate you may only need to change them quarterly. If your filters become clogged with dirt that makes your air conditioning unit work harder which in turn can cause it to break down. To prevent AC repair in Lodi, CA change your filters frequently.

AC Tune – Up or Yearly AC Maintenance

One of the best ways to keep your air conditioning unit running smoothly is to have yearly air conditioning maintenance for your Lodi, CA home. Lodi heating and air company, Blackwell-Services, will ensure your system is operating to the best of its ability. Having an AC tune – up or regular scheduled maintenance can keep you from higher energy costs and AC repairs in Lodi, CA. The longer you go without maintenance the more opportunities for it to break down. Catching a leak, bent coils or broken thermostat can save you from costly repairs down the road. Schedule your maintenance today by calling Blackwell-Services.

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