Why You Should do AC Maintenance Now

Why You Should do AC Maintenance Now

We’ve previously written about AC Maintenance and want to continue that by sharing why you should do ac maintenance now. Read on for more tips to help you save big while avoiding disaster.

1. The Heat Waves are Coming

We in California are no strangers to heat waves. However, the latest heat wave of May 2020 actually broke our own records. According to Bloomberg News, daytime highs have already peaked 100 degrees Fahrenheit with electricity prices expected to surge up to 380%. This means an average cost of $161.89 per megawatt, with residents expected to “crank up the air conditioning.” As a result, this could lead to big savings if you can get just 1% more efficiency out of your air conditioner.

2. Avoid the Breakdown Blues

Did you know many issues that can cause an air conditioner to fail can be caught and even corrected by regular ac maintenance? Your tech will inspect and examine the unit, as well as all related components, to ensure they are in good working condition. They can let you know if any breakdown is imminent or possible in the foreseeable future. Another added benefit is that many will give you an estimate on the spot for your consideration.

3. It Saves Energy

The build-up of wear and tear on your air conditioner can create more stress on the operating components, such as the compressor, coils, or blower motor. More stress leads to higher energy use as the ac system attempts to regulate the indoor temperature by using extra power. Air conditioners that undergo regular maintenance last longer and can retain up to 95% of their original operating efficiency rating during its lifespan.

4. Breakdowns Happen More in Summer and During Heatwaves

All the other homes and businesses who do not perform regular air conditioner maintenance are more likely to undergo a breakdown during these peak use times. This leads to an increase in demand for ac techs, in addition to longer wait times for service. It can all mean disaster if your home or business is without air conditioning even for a few days.

5. Oh Yes, AC Maintenance Saves Money

There are many ways regular maintenance can end up saving you in the long run including:

  1. Lower operating costs
  2. Longer operating life
  3. Fewer instances of breakdown
  4. Adds value to the home
  5. Even better sleep through quieter ac performance

AC Maintenance in Lodi California

Blackwell Services is a locally owned company that aims to improve the air quality and performance of heating and air conditioning systems in Galt, Lockford, Manteca, Stockton, and the surrounding areas. Feel free to contact us to learn more about how we can help maintain your air conditioner.

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